Made from our delicate and delicious goji berries grown at our Sonoma county farms, Goji Virgin Ambrosia represents the essence and origin of nutrition and wellness.


Goji Fruit Bowl.jpg

Your Goji Virgin Ambrosia will begin as beautiful and delicious organic goji fruit on our trees in Sonoma County, California. We harvest your goji from June through to November.


Each bottle of Ambrosia is carefully pressed from our fresh goji berries so that you receive the richest level of quality pyrroloquinoline quinone available in the world.

Bottled Ambrosia

We schedule your orders based upon our upcoming harvests and then we deliver your Ambrosia as the highest fresh product available directly to your business or home.

100% Organic Goji Fresh Press

Therefore, all orders with Goji Farm USA are based on ‘sales futures’, whereby you’re able to secure access to a year supply of Ambrosia by placing your order with a 50% deposit, while the remaining balance can be paid upon delivery of your Ambrosia. This process ensures your access to our incredible Ambrosia while allowing Goji Farm USA to carefully prepare for your future needs as well. Our crops and plants will retain the customers assigned names as our commitment to providing long term, high quality access to Ambrosia and the extremely important, high level content of pyrroloquinoline quinone.